Good Back Care Means Good Back Health

Back pain is one of the main reasons for time off work in the UK. 81% of the UK adult population; that’s 40 million people, are currently suffering or have suffered with back pain at some point during their lives.

Back pain is debilitating, many people endure years of chronic back pain that can curtail their lifestyles. At Handsome, we believe that a healthy back is fundamental to a happy life and we want to get people moving again and avoid back pain in the first place. Whether they are currently suffering or have never had back pain before, we want to show that taking care of your back now can make difference later.

We believe that there is a lack of education and confusion at retail point of sale, and that we can provide clear, innovative products to prevent and treat back pain.

We have developed a range of products to help support backs in order to both prevent and ease the pain. Used in combination with our recommended exercises, we believe that we can begin to change the state of the nations back health today.

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