bac< System

At we have split the back into 5 zones to help keep things simple.

This is known as the bac< System:

Each zone has its own symptoms and causes of pain and we can use this system to understand which of our products & exercises are most likely to help you.

Zone 1 – Neck

Neck pain is the curse of many office workers who sit at a desk for long periods with bad posture.  We often use the term ‘Tech-Neck’ for people who suffer neck and upper back pain due to poor workstation design that forces them to look down with their shoulders hunched up over a keyboard.

Good posture and better workstation ergonomics will help alleviate this pain.  Sit in your chair properly with your lower back supported as much as possible by a back rest and even a lumbar support pad or a rolled up towel.  The screen should be positioned one arm’s length away from you and aligned with your body so you’re facing it straight, with the top of the screen at eye level. Our bac< Neck Brace (£39.99) is perfect after a long day behind your desk. The Neck Brace helps to promote correct neck and shoulder posture and gives you the chance to allow your neck some time to relax.

Zone 2 – Shoulders

Shoulder pain is also common among office workers and other professions who drive a lot such as sales reps or HGV drivers. We recently carried out a survey that showed 14% of drivers cannot get behind the wheel due to back pain, but ironically the very act of sitting in one position for hours on end is the cause of much of it.

Drivers should sit upright with their head supported by the head rest so they can comfortably see out of all mirrors.  In fact, the mirrors can be used as a guide to make sure the correct posture is maintained.  Do not sit too far away from the steering wheel because you will round your shoulders if you have to overreach; the wheel should be level with your wrists so when you hold it there’s a slight bend in your arms.  When you stop at traffic lights, move your neck and shoulders to loosen tense muscles and improve circulation.

We recommend the bac< Dual Action Massager (£24.99) to help you to ease your pain. Our unique massager can be used at the end of your day to help you to quickly and easily reduce built up tension, by applying pressure exactly where you need it, relaxing the muscles and easing pain.

Zone 3 – Middle Back

Middle back pain is usually felt by people who sit a lot, such as GPs, but is also felt by other groups such as youngsters who carry heavy bags on one shoulder or breast-feeding women.  Once again, improving posture while sitting will work wonders; loads should be carried on the back evenly in a rucksack and breastfeeding mothers can use pillows for support in bringing the baby to the breast rather than the breast to the baby.

For Middle Back pain we recommend the bac< Shoulder Brace (£34.99) which is designed to improve your posture, prevent slouching and align your spine therefore relieving pain and discomfort.

Zone 4 – Lower Back

Those with physical jobs mostly suffer from lower back pain, such as nurses and care workers who do a lot of lifting and plumbers who are required to work in awkward positions.  Shop workers on their feet all day also suffer pain in this area.

Learning good lifting techniques will help and also strengthen your core muscles to ensure your back is supported while you lift.  We know it’s hard to maintain the perfect posture while you’re working, but if you’re twisting and bending, remember to take regular breaks and move in the opposite direction to counter this.  Shop workers should stand on both feet rather their putting all their weight on one leg.

For lower back pain we recommend our Back Brace with Cool Pads (£39.99).  This innovative support is easy and lightweight to wear. The brace allows tired muscles to relax while it supports your spine. It’s easily adjustable to find the perfect fit. Additionally, there are special pockets for either our heat pads or cool pads, to deliver soothing warmth or cooling relief – two of the most common and effective treatments for back pain.

Zone 5 – Lateral Lower Back

Sacroiliac or pelvic hip pain is less common and is usually associated with slips and falls or having a baby.  We find that sports people suffer from this type of pain and sometimes the emergency services.  However, the sacroiliac joint is relatively stable so doesn’t cause as much strain or stress.  If you suffer from pain in this area, it’s important to have strong bottom muscles, as the glutes will support the joints in the pelvis.  Any misalignment of the pelvis should be corrected by a physiotherapist and a support belt can be used around the hips to ease the symptoms.

For Lateral Lower Back Pain we recommend our Sacroiliac Belt (£34.99). Our Sacroiliac belt has been designed to help your hips regain their natural movement. It works by compressing and supporting the hip or sacroiliac joints. This reduces sacroiliac pain by supporting the joints and prevents excessive movement. The belt is lightweight and easy to use. It’s made from hygienic anti-microbial breathable material so it can be worn under or over clothing.

In general, most back pain can be alleviated by applying heat, moving around and stretching followed by periods of rest, and support with the correct brace or belt.  It will usually get better of its own accord but please do see a healthcare professional if the symptoms persist.

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